As a product of two continents, one of my most vivid early memories was seeing the Sydney Opera House.

Looking through the window of a ferry, I wouldn’t appreciate the impact it had on me for many years to come. At the time I had no interest in architecture or urban planning yet I remember understanding the importance the built environment has on a culture’s identity in the world view, and the awe instilled in the visitors experiencing this uniqueness. Growing up around talented artists and designers, I became instilled with an appreciation for beautiful design early on.

Moving to Bozeman in 1999 to gain residency and attend Montana State University’s School of Architecture,

I thought it would be a good idea to get part-time employment as a construction laborer to better understand the factors affecting the construction end of what would ultimately become my new profession. As I enjoyed myself so much learning the ins-and-outs of various trades, and working under several talented professionals, I started my own contracting company several years later. In 2005, I received my Bachelors of Environmental Design from MSU, and in 2006 I graduated with my Master of Architecture degree. I have experience with all phases of residential construction in addition to design, but specialize in finish work… wall finishes/plasters, paint/faux finishes, and trim carpentry and have slowly but surely gained local recognition for both design and craftsmanship. As a contractor from a strong design background, I became particularly selective in expanding my client base to take on new projects for the simple fact that this process builds not just living environments, but a whole new relationship with a real person hosting a unique lifestyle. I prefer clientele that want something exclusive, and are willing to loosen the leash a little… while at the same time enthusiastically contribute ideas and direction to the design of their newly personalized spaces. To me, creativity does not come with a price tag – some of the most interesting designs I have been involved in had the lowest budgets. I pursue clients that aren’t just concerned with designing for the sole sake of financial investment opportunity, but instead with designing and building personalized spaces with interest, flexibility, efficiency, and meaning… because in the end, one size does not fit all.

Many people ask about the Eddie Rocketship moniker…

The short answer is that it was a nickname in school and now serves as my alter-ego and personal branding for all things “design” that I pursue purely out of enjoyment. My interest in design isn’t just in architecture and urban environments, but encompasses furniture, automotive, fashion, and technology - as all can potentially influence one another. Good design is always a moving target, and should be as it is constantly being reinterpreted by our culture.