• BonTon Historic District

    The mission of this project was to fully redesign the allocation of spaces back to their original layout while incorporating very modern accoutrements. Of primary design concern was returning the organization of spaces to that of a modern single family dwelling while keeping within the style of circa 1904.

  • Having said that, it’s no fun to simply return things to the way they once were. With the structural portion buttoned up and a design course plotted, it was time to fill this project with a few gadgets from this century.

BonTon Historic District: Bozeman, MT

This property is one of the original homes in the historic district between Montana State University and Historic Main Street in Bozeman. Built from 1902 to 1904, the house pictured here went through at least two previous major remodels; one in the early 1940s and one around 1974, the latter compromising the structural integrity of a large portion of the rear of the home.